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Jura Impressa J9 – Is It Worth Buying?


Jura Impressa J9

An energy-efficient, powerful coffeemaker has arrived, and it is known as the Jura Impressa J. This coffeemaker is a top of the line machine that offers ingenious operating that makes it easy for each and every individual to enjoy brewing their coffee almost as much as they love to drink it. Continue reading and learn everything there is to know about the Jura Impressa J coffeemaker. You will like what you hear and will want to make this coffeemaker a part of your life.



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Where did Jura come from?

Jura began producing appliances in Switzerland in 1931. With a history spanning more than 80 years, you can count on quality products when trusting your needs to this brand. During all of their years they have rose to the top and become a company that more people turn to. Today they have locations throughout the country, allowing people all over the world to own the Jura Impressa J. The coffeemakers are still made in Switzerland in their state of the art facility so you can still rest confidently in the quality machine you are getting.


Impressa J9 is Impressive

from the Start

The Impressa J is impressive right from the start, and as soon as you set your eyes on it, you will see this for yourself. Its sleek and sophisticated look certainly meet the expectations that you want in this exquisite coffeemaker. With a charming silver body and chrome buttons with accents, this machine certainly leaves you impressed. Plus, there is a color LCD screen!

Make one cup or two using the Impressa J. There is a dual coffee spout that makes this possible, found on the right side of the machine. Simply slide the dual spouts up and down to choose the number of cups that you would like to make. Since the spouts are adjustable, you can always create an espresso quickly. On the left hand side is a single spout used for milk and hot water, with a standard spout serving as mixer. You will also notice two LED lights under the spouts that turn yellow when coffee is brewing.


Other Features

There are four doors on the machine, offering a water carafe, a Clearyl Blue filter, ground-coffee spoon holder and a hot water spout that can be exchanged for the milk frother when making a cappuccino.

A high-performance 15 bar performance pump is features inside of the Impressa J, as well as the Thermoblock heating system to ensure a better cup of coffee every time that you are ready. And, with energy-efficient settings, you can always do your part to conserve energy and make the most of your coffeemaker.

Once you make your selection and your beverage is made, one taste will show you what an amazing machine you have before you. Each and every cup, whether coffee, an espresso or a cappuccino, will come out rich, delicious and made just the way that you want it. Even if it is something new every single time, you can get just that and so much more.


Listen to What People Say

So many people love the Impressa J9 and want to share that love with those who are considering its purchase. Learning what these people say can make the decision much easier for you. Check them out, as they’re very helpful. In the meantime, take a look at what these two satisfied Jura Impressa J had to say.

John B. of Oklahoma City, OK says: “The Impressa J makes it possible to brew my favorite coffee drink from home any time of the day or night, and the coffee that it produces is always simply amazing. I thought the price of the Impressa J was a bit much at first, but I understand why and would gladly pay it all again. This is a great maker if you love coffee, cappuccino and espresso.”

Gertrude O. of Merryville, Indiana says this: “I received the Impressa J as a gift from my husband. He really knows how to make his wife happy and put a smile on my face, because it just will not go away now that I have had the chance to use this machine. The machine is easy to use, makes great coffee and comes loaded with tons of awesome features. Highly recommended.”

These are only two statements that have been made about the Impressa J. There is no doubt that you will feel the same way as these people and want to share your experience with the machine yourself.


Is this Coffeemaker worth your Money?

The Jura Impressa J9 is an amazing coffeemaker that certainly lives up to all of its expectations and more. It is energy-efficient, easy to use and filled with the ability to make your life easy while enjoying a great cup of coffee, whatever style you choose.


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